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The Anatomy of My New Look

I started my art journey back in 2019, freshly graduated from University and craving a creative outlet that "rooted" me during a season of uncertainty. I frequently described that phase of my life as feeling like I was “flailing:” after a lifetime of always knowing what was ahead of me, I was suddenly faced with open space and no idea how to locate myself within it. After a 9-5 in marketing at a not-for-profit that left me feeling drained, art was the one thing that made me feel like myself again. I spent many late evenings and weekends creating and dreaming of spending every day with my paintbrushes and pens.

As I planted the seeds to one day become a self-employed artist, I began researching how to transform the countless pages of sketches and paintings into the stationery products and prints that brought me so much joy. After months of work, I released my first product: a sustainably-made 2020 calendar filled with a collection of seasonally-inspired botanical illustrations of some of my favourite wildflowers. After my marketing role was slowly phased out during the pandemic, I made the decision that I wanted to see where this little dream I had could go. I began taking on commissioned work, starting with painting homes and family portraits which I still lovingly do today, along with expanding my print collection and offering my artwork wholesale to small businesses.

Girl wearing a green dress holding a wicker basket filled with flowers with strings of petals cascading down from the ceiling around her

Almost 4 years later, we’re here.

A lot has changed since I first started: I have learned so much about my style, dedicated hours to improving my skills, found ways to make my practice gentler on the planet by being intentional about the materials I use, and continuously refined the quality at which I offered my art. It has been an evolution, which is why I knew it was time to create a visual identity that matched that growth and reflected where I am now.

the next chapter

When I was thinking about what kind of corner I wanted to cultivate in the world, I craved a brand that felt more aligned with the story of why I create. I didn't want this to feel like just a hobby anymore: so with zero branding and limited web design experience under my belt, I jumped in. I wanted something that felt earthy, calming, inspiring, and warm, and although I knew it would be a slow process, being able to make every detail authentically me re-inspired me once again.

I’m so excited to share with you everything that went into my new branding, from the story behind my name to crafting a nature-inspired colour palette, selecting typography with a hand-written flair, and designing my emblem.

my new namesake

Poppies have always held a special meaning to me: every season when they begin to bloom, they remind me of two special souls I lost a few years ago. So when I went into my rebrand, the name felt natural: not only did it honour those that had passed and everything they taught me, but it paid homage to the natural world that inspires me.

I was scared to let go of "Jessie's Edit" because I've created a community under it, and with my name being a part of it, it felt all the more personal. What I didn't expect is this: changing my name feels like I am giving my business permission to grow beyond me. The namesake “Poppyseed Paperie” is an ode to the growth we’ve undergone to get here and the growth we are yet to experience: a tribute to the beautiful things that bloom from the tiniest, most unexpected of things.

the colour story

As a visual person, the colour palette was the first thing I went to work on when I began my branding. I love looking at the ways different colours make us feel and the emotions they evoke, so I knew I wanted something with a sense of calm that felt timeless, earthy, and a little romantic. After a lot of mood board making, browsing through Pinterest, and playing with colour wheels, I landed here!

the typography

So much of my artwork is personal: everything in this space is thoughtfully created by me at my little desk overlooking the water and the trees with Willow at my feet. I try to keep my perfectionism in check and allow you to see my hand in what I create, from the loose brushstrokes to the character of the original piece. To honour this personalized feel, I wanted the fonts to read like a hand-written letter: as if they are made just for you.

After spending hours upon hours on Creative Market, I found the perfect trio:

a classic serif with a unique vintage twist, a thoughtful script with a whimsical, romantic feel, and a handwritten serif inspired by art history textbooks

the branding

When I was designing my logo, I knew I wanted to draw on the oval: the shape reminds me of a locket that has been passed down from generation to generation, giving it an heirloom feel. In aiming to create archival-quality artwork of life’s most important memories and nature’s treasures, creating keepsakes is at the root of what I do.

Oval logo with a light pink background, illustrated poppies, and text reading "poppyseed paperie"

Inside the oval, it felt natural to include the symbolism of my namesake, so I sketched some poppies blossoming along the right line of the oval. I am so happy with how the logo turned out and it is exactly the timeless, whimsical, floral-inspired design I envisioned as the face of my business!

From the main logo, I created a few sub-logos that I can alternate between. Here, I had fun playing around with different typographic pairings and the oval design to create a few different options that offer variety while still being consistent (which is what I’ve learned is key to successful branding)!

Overall, I am so happy with how the entire brand came to life! It is so special to craft a visual identity that tells your story and grows with you, so I valued the whole learning experience so much. Although it was scary to make the chance, now that I've taken the leap, I am so re-inspired to create in a space that feels authentically me down to every detail.

Please let me know what you think of the new brand if you have the chance in the comments below: I would love your feedback!


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