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hello, I'm Jessie

I’m a lifelong painter, illustrator, and artist with a deep-rooted passion for storytelling who gathers most of my inspiration from character-filled spaces and the earth's gentle tales. Based by the lake in Burlington, Ontario, my heart is drawn to gouache landscapes, botanical studies, architectural watercolours, and whimsical florals.


ever since I can remember


Though I love working with people, as a high-scoring introvert, I’ve always felt most myself in my own company — so ever since I was little, I’ve been carving out quiet corners in elementary school art classes, dining room tables, and wobbly wooden desks. I love connecting with people, but I’ve always needed a place to retreat and recharge — and that’s where art came in. 


As a homebody by nature, there is nothing more that I enjoy than a day fuelled by creativity, coffee, and sunbeams, with lots of breaks adventuring outside with my studio assistant (and best friend), Willow: a lovely little puppy with a gentle spirit and joyful presence. The inspiration I find in my daily wanderings with her — the seasons changing, historical architecture, wildflower and vegetable gardens, and countryside landscapes — are reflected in my illustrations!


a longing to reconnect  with nature



I've always marvelled at nature's tiny miracles: the warm colours of autumn, the cherry blossoms of early spring, the layer of quiet that blankets towns after a snowfall. During my childhood and high school years, I found so much peace in painting these scenes, but after years of attending school in the city and later working full-time in a handful of journalism and marketing roles, I lost touch with my love of art. It didn't take long before I began craving a journey back to my roots. That’s when I discovered bullet journaling. For me, it was a way to “justify” creating art, because it felt productive (I was planning, after all)!
As I filled out the pages of my first notebook, I began using each month as an opportunity to illustrate and learn about the seasonal wildflowers and harvests that were blooming that season. Through this practice, I started to absorb the lessons of slowness, balance, and growth that nature had always been trying to teach me — all while reopening the doors to an artistic way of living. I shared my journey to reconnecting with the kindred spirit I found in nature and art on social media, and shortly after, released my very first product: a sustainably-made 2020 calendar filled with the wildflower illustrations I had drawn in my very first bullet journal. I'm so glad that I planted those tiny seeds long ago. The namesake "Poppyseed Paperie" is an ode to this slow growth: a tribute to the beautiful things that bloom from the tiniest, most unexpected of things.



my sketchbook

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