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Pear trees are some of the most beautiful harvests filling orchards in the autumn months — their tiny white flowers paying homage to the spring and summer months and foreshadowing the snow that will soon sit where its leaves once gathered. Pairing beautifully with spices that warm from the inside out — cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, and clove — this harvest is an ode to the beloved mixing bowls and wooden spoons that come out of cupboards in early fall as we dust counters with flour and settle into the warmth of it all. It’s a beautiful thing, the fall does: helps you feel the sun inside you as it retreats from outside our windows.

Pear Tree Print

  • This fine art print is created to order on lightly textured, archival-quality agave paper. Its natural warm white tone combined with its delicate matte finish showcases the colours and fine details of each illustration beautifully, ensuring high quality and longevity while reducing environmental impact, as agave paper requires fewer natural resources to cultivate.


    Paper Characteristics:


    • 290 gsm

    • 70% agave fibre, 30% cotton

    • Acid & lignin-free

    • High water resistance

    • Museum quality & age resistant

    • Delicately textured matte finish

    • Free of optical brighteners

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