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As an integrative health and wellness clinic, I wrote SEO-friendly, keyword-rich copy for this website to help Dr. Hudson and her team educate clients, empower them on their path to wellness, and highlight their mission.


Simply Elegant by Emma is a whimsical floral design service for weddings and special events. Using SEO-driven copy, I collaborated with brand and website designers to deliver a site that highlights Emma's services for a love that is always in bloom.

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Emmy Shanley Creative Co. is a calligrapher and signage artist with a mission to cultivate joy through hand-lettered goods. To showcase her one-of-a-kind designs, I collaborated with branding and web designers to write storytelling-driven, keyword-rich copy and product descriptions for her shop.


Website Copy| Monarch Design Co.

Incorporating research on the importance of branding and updated statistics, this website copy is mission-focused and aims to educate potential clients, tell a compelling story about the importance of branding, and increase bookings.

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To build credibility around Monarch Design Co.'s website design services, this blog post was written with the intention of showcasing the results of a recent project. Taking the reader through the website design process, this copy inspires small businesses to work with the branding studio to craft a website of their own.

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To welcome the new year, I wrote this blog post for Monarch Design Co. — a boutique branding agency — to showcase their best branding projects of the year to build and inspire their 2022 clientele.


What Is Wellness? | The Cover Guy

As The Cover Guy anticipates their launch into the wellness sector, this search-friendly blog post was written to attract users interested in health and wellbeing to their site to explore the various facets of their new wellness branch.

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Ahead of Alison Wearing's performance at the BPAC, I interviewed the performer and writer about her story to foster a meaningful relationship between her and audience members to increase ticket sales.

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The Anatomy of a Brand | Monarch
Design Co.

To tell the story of how a brand comes together, I wrote this blog post detailing the process of creating The Memory Vine's refreshed visual design. With a focus on storytelling and evoking emotion, this copy is crafted to drive connection and client leads.

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Entrepreneur Tips for SuccessMonarch Design Co.

Monarch Design Co's target audience is small business owners and entrepreneurs, so I wrote this SEO-driven blog post to bring those searching for business advice to Monarch's website to generate branding leads.

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To promote the latest technology The Cover Guy welcomed into their product roster, this blog post was written to capture those searching for this new fabric to TCG's site to position the company as an industry leader.

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Backstage with Brother Country Music Duo The Abrams | The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

To introduce The Abrams to the BPAC's audience members, I collaborated with the brothers to create a blog post to promote their upcoming show, attract social media users and newsletter subscribers to the BPAC's site, and encourage ticket sales.

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Vintage Market Postcards | Pure Boutique

Each antique item contains so much history and tells the story of those that held it before us — so these postcards aim to capture these tales with whimsical storybook-inspired copy to slip into the packages of each person who places an order.


These "workshop in a box" booklets are filled with copy educating Pure Boutique's customers about how to complete their furniture painting project from start to finish. Acting as a replacement to their in-person workshops during the pandemic, my intention in writing these booklets was to cultivate the same sense of community, connection, and creativity felt when you walk into their shop.



Instagram| Monarch Design Co.

In my current role at Monarch Design Co., I execute a social media strategy tailored to the small business's Instagram following of creative entrepreneurs and write informative, engaging captions to feature clients, projects and helpful tips for small business owners.

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For this online shop and retail boutique, I create and manage high-converting, highly-engaging social media content for in-feed posts and reels that engage audiences.


Instagram | The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Using Hootsuite, I wrote engaging social media captions for The Burlington Performing Arts Centre's platforms from October 2019 - May 2020. During this time, I interviewed artists and the BPAC's external partners to collaborate on social media captions that told their stories, drove donations, and increased ticket sales.

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Facebook | The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Similar to the BPAC's Instagram account, I wrote engaging captions and event descriptions on Facebook to generate website clicks and ticket sales driven by strategy rooted in fostering connection with the local community.

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As a part of the retail store's weekly newsletter series, this email was designed in Flodesk to build excitement surrounding the lifestyle business' second location. With a compelling subject line and calls-to-action throughout, it received an open rate of nearly 60% and click rate of over 10% out of 1200 subscribers.


Weekly Newsletter | Monarch Design Co.

As a part of Monarch Design Co's weekly newsletter series, this email was sent to over 300 subscribers and was designed to persuade entrepreneurs to book branding projects and sign up for the waitlist for a new product launch coming soon. Rich with resources for Monarch's target audience of small business owners, it received an open rate of nearly 50%.

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The Template Shop Launch Sequence | Monarch Design Co.

To celebrate the launch of the Template Shop and drive clicks to Monarch Design Co.'s website, social media and branding templates, this newsletter sequence was designed in Flodesk to highlight how these templates can help small businesses grow.

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What Makes YOU Stand Out? | Monarch
Design Co.

Geared toward entrepreneurs looking to elevate their small business, this newsletter is packed with tips that add value to subscribers while promoting how Monarch Design Co. can help them address these pain points.

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For Flare's health and wellness section, I interviewed health professionals and people with food allergies to draw attention to how these allergies affect relationships. Using SEO and keyword-rich copy, this article was written to bring new visitors to Flare's newly digital magazine.

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Mental Health Is Health | Fashion Magazine

In honour of Mental Health Awareness week, I interviewed three-time cancer survivor and depression sufferer via CAMH to compose a highly personal narrative highlighting the importance of mental health support and education.

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As Canadians looked to local travel during the pandemic, I researched beautifully-designed Airbnbs across the country and interviewed their hosts to compile a list of the best Airbnbs House and Home's online magazine to capture people searching for local getaways.

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